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#Giveaway 🧡 Celebrate 520 and spread the Bee Love! . . 520快樂~520咩意思唔使我多講啦 趁著今日話俾愛人同朋友仔知道你既愛啦! 但唔講你可能唔知,其實5月20日仲係World Bee Day 🐝 提醒大家蜜蜂在生態系統中的重要性 要靠佢地傳播花粉 咁有愛的日子一定要慶祝下💓 . 所以我地聯同 法國有機蜂蜜桃茶品牌Bee Zen 合作 同大家玩個 #Giveaway ,一齊將愛spread開去呀! Bee Zen在 @citysuperhk 有售 🌱品牌對環境有理念,會把營業收入的1%用來保護蜜蜂 所以分享佢地的飲品 變相就係保護緊小蜜蜂喇~🍯 . Giveaway獎品就係Bee Zen的飲品! . 如何參加? 在5月20至23日期間,只要你做齊以下steps就可參加喇! . 出story次數不限,出多d增加中獎機會都得~但記得一定要做齊喔! 1. Follow IG @givsnacks and @beezenlife 2. 在IG story share依個post, tag你所愛的人/朋友s + Tag @givsnacks and @beezenlife ! 麻煩把screenshot DM給我們 3. 在此post留言,回答5月20日是什麼日子? . 我地會在5月31日前選出3位得獎者,並於IG公佈結果。 此活動只限香港地區參加。 . Happy 520! That means “I love you” in Chinese!💓 Tell your friends and loved ones that you care for them on this occasion. 🧡😙 Also do you know May 20 is – The World Bee Day!🐝 This is to remind us how important bees are in the ecosystem. Bees help pollination which is key to conserving biodiversity. Let’s spread the LOVE on this Special Day! . . Come to join our Giveaway in collaboration with the French Organic Herbal Tea Brand – Bee Zen! The Bee Zen drinks are with Peach & Honey, and are available in @citysuperhk . Bee Zen gives back 1% of total sales to fund the protection of bees. So if you share Bee Zen, you in turn help preserve the bees and the environment! . Winners of the Giveaway will get Bee Zen drinks as prizes! . Complete ALL below steps from May 20 to 23 for a chance to win the Bee Zen drinks! You can post more than one story to increase chances of winning. . 1. Follow IG pages of @givsnacks and @beezenlife 2. Share this post in your IG story and tag your friends or loved ones; also tag @givsnacks and @beezenlife in that story (Please send us the screenshot via DM) The more people you tag, the higher chances of winning 3. Leave a comment in this post and answer “What day is May 20?” . . Result for 3 winners will be announced in our IG page before the end of May. This campaign is for Hong Kong only. . . . . #bee #520 #loveu #honey #love #iloveyou #beezen #organic #herbal #tea #peach #citysuper #hkfoodie #hkfood #spreadlove #savebees #worldbeeday #mothernature

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