[Free Delivery!] Fentiman’s: Seville Orange Jigger (12 bottles) 英國古法香橙柑桔汽水 (12支)

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Traditional Orange Soft Drink
Seville oranges mandarins mixed with natural spring water.
Slowly fermented. Botanically brewed for an old style exotic taste.
Medium Sweet. Tangy. Fizzy. Aromatic.

Served cold.  Upend before drinking.

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The Ingredients:

Mandarin Juice from Concentrate, Carbonated Water, Fermented Ginger, Root Extract (Water, Glucose Syrup, Ginger Root, Yeast), Sugar, Natural Flavourings, Herbal Infusions (Speedwell, Juniper)

Botanically Brewed for 7 days.
Made from an infusion of natural selected botanicals.
Slow natural fermentation.


創辦人Thomas Fentiman在1905年的時候,跟他在礦場裡一起工作的同事,為了償還欠Thomas的債務,他便給了Thomas一本製造飲品的秘方。

在過去的110多年,Fentiman’s都沿用一種古老的方法來調製它的飲品。稱作Botanical Brewing香草釀製。

什麼是Botanical Brewing香草釀製?簡單來說,一枝或一罐現代的汽水飲品可能只需要數分鐘、或最多數小時來製造。用傳統的Botanical Brewing香草釀製方式,一枝Fentiman’s飲品需時一星期來調製。

Botanical brewing用各種植物及天然香料作為原材料。首先把薑,在一個大型的鍋裡將它加熱到沸點,然後加入糖、天然英格蘭泉水、酵母、各種香草及天然香料。煮成的液體會在一個大石缸裡釀製七天。飲品的味道便是這樣慢慢地釀製出來。因為這種特別的調製方法,飲品的味道會比市場上其他的汽水飲品較為獨特和強烈。





About Fentiman’s

Fentiman’s is a small drinks manufacturing company based in Northern England that produces old fashioned classic British drinks. A man named Thomas Fentiman started the company in 1905 when he acquired the recipes from his colleague at the iron mill.

For nearly 110 years, the company has been producing old fashioned drinks through an old production method called: Botanical Brewing.

What is Botanical Brewing? A bottle or a can of “modern” day soft drinks takes a couple of minutes, maybe a few hours to produce. By using the traditional methods of botanical brewing, a bottle of Fentiman takes a week to produce.

Botanical brewing is a process using plant roots and natural herbs. Inside a huge “cooking pan”, ginger roots are boiled and simmered. Herbs, sugar, natural flavorings, yeast, and spring water are then added. The liquid is then left in a wooden container to mature for 7 days. As a result, a lot of flavors are introduced to the drink naturally and slowly. This leads to a much stronger, unique flavor that is unlike any other soft drinks on the market.

When Thomas Fentiman started his company in 1905, he would deliver his drinks to the clients with stone jars on a horse cart. Times have moved on, Fentiman’s drinks are sold now in a unique glass deign. Fentiman’s products are not available in aluminum cans. A lot of people today still prefer glass bottles than aluminum cans. Why?

When aluminum cans are produced inside factories, special linings are used to coat the cans. These chemical linings inside aluminum cans actually alter the taste of drinks very slightly. Even a small amount can cause a difference in taste. This is why glass bottle drinks taste more original than those in aluminum cans.

Why is the company logo a dog? The logo is a dog, a German shepherd called “Fearless”, which belongs to Thomas Fentiman, the founder of the company.

Traditionally Made and Brewed in Hexham, England


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