Freeze-dried KIMCHI CRUNCH 冷凍乾燥泡菜脆片

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A freeze-dried vegetarian kimchi pancake, that is crunchy, spicy (a bit), and gluten-free, yes it’s possible!

Kimchi is a traditional Korean fermented food. Ours is freshly made in-house using organic Napa cabbage with only natural ingredients. Without fish sauce, our kimchi is vegan-friendly.

No white flour in our original pancake recipe, instead we use flax seeds, teff and buckwheat flours. The pancake was oven-baked and freeze-dried, resulting in a spicy and crispy bark that can be eaten as a meal or as a cracker. Gather your friends, try it with your favourite dip, a glass of sparkling kombucha, smile and say “Kim-chi!” from now on, instead of “Cheese”!



煎餅食譜中沒有白麵粉, 而是我們用亞麻籽、特夫和小麥粉製作。





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How can this pancake be gluten-free? Teff is a fine ancient grain that is naturally gluten-free and is rich in iron and fiber. Buckwheat is a gluten-free fruit seed, it is not a nut, yet it has a nutty flavour. Quite poorly named as it is not a grain, it is not wheat, and it is not a buck! Nuts.

It takes about 300g of fresh products to make the freeze-dried food in one 75g pack.  Freeze-drying consists in freezing food and dehydrating it through low pressure (think space vacuum!), which preserves nutrients, vitamins and minerals at the highest level after fresh food, and much better than regular dehydration or frying. No need for dubious additives and preservatives! We use only plant-based ingredients, organic when relevant – i.e. a vast majority of them – from sources as close to us as possible, with no compromise on quality.   Our products are also regularly tested by an international laboratory, including for pesticides and heavy metals, beyond local legal requirements.

Our Kimchi Crunch will bring you a good amount of protein, fibers, iron, vitamin A, as well as potassium and calcium. Unlike many on-the-go food products, our barks offer a balanced mix of macro-nutrients and are neither sugar nor fat bombs.  They can be enjoyed as snacks or meals without needing re-hydration. As a nutritious snack between meetings, added to a lunch box, taken on a sailing trip, thrown in a workout bag, crunched on while walking through the desert, there are many ways to enjoy them.


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