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The Polar Camel

Hong Kong

We freeze-dry, so you can enjoy food’s flavours & nutrients, and nothing else! 

Created to satisfy a need for clean and nourishing wholesome food when away from a kitchen, all our products are homemade style recipes entirely prepared with plant-based whole food ingredients. Without additives, preservatives, regulators, thickeners or stabilisers, as made possible by freeze-drying, and a creative whole food mindset.

They come in nutrient-dense barks made with seeds, whole grains, veggies, fruits, herbs and spices, all delicious plant-only ingredients. We break them in small crunchy bites that can be enjoyed as snacks or meals without needing re-hydration.Our ingredients come from sources as close to us as possible with no compromise on quality. They are organic when relevant, i.e. a vast majority of them. To be certain, in addition to nutrition and bacteriological tests, we perform regular laboratory tests on pesticides and heavy metals with Intertek, a well-known firm with global reach.

What else is different from other snacks? They offer a balanced nutrition with a good mix of macro-nutrients, i.e. they are neither sugar nor fat bombs, not mentioning fried fat bombs!  Also our barks are not packed in tiny bags and offer enough nutrition for a meal: 75g of freeze-dried barks are equivalent to (and made from) approx. 300g of whole foods, and contain about 300 kcal. Just don’t forget to drink – water!
Whether you are running between meetings or actually running or hiking, looking for a healthy snack, tired & anxious to cope with an allergy to gluten or dairy, or keen to reduce an unsustainable animal intake, our barks are for you, superpeople!