French Herbal Tea brand. Discover a new experience of drinking natural and healthy herbal tea, sourced directly from the organic fields of South of France. 

What’s special?

Offers the best quality by only putting full leaves and flowers in each bag holding the intense flavors and aromatic properties

100% Organic & Traceable – All the raw material are issued from the french organic fields. By only collaborating with french local farmers, we are sure to always know where the plants are from and promote the sustainable work of the farmer. 

Wellness experts that you can trust 
Our blends are made by a French doctor in pharmacy with 30 years experience and a plant specialist, who owns a beautiful land in the heart of Luberon, South of France, to cultivate aromatic and medicinal plants, in order to bring out the best health and beauty benefits.


A responsible brand as we work with small local farmers and our packaging is eco-friendly (biodegradable tea bags made out of cornstarch). Our tea bags are hand sealed in order to preserve the full size leaves and flowers.

Health and beauty are priceless. We hope you enjoy this whole new experience of natural tea discovery!