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Live an artisanal lifestyle and enjoy the great moment with specialty coffee and chocolates!

Our Story 我們的故事

這一切都始於一個Foodie IG...... 在社交媒體上分享故事和現實生活中的cafehopping當中,我們遇到了許多對精品咖啡和巧克力充滿熱情的人,最終將我們帶到了現在的位置!我們想成為其中的一份子,推廣這些工匠飲食文化,連接志同道合的人!

通過分享、工作坊和GivMagazine,Givsnacks 希望建立一個社群,讓對咖啡和巧克力有相同興趣的人們可以互相學習並從中獲得樂趣。

It all started with a Foodie Instagram page.... During the journey of sharing stories on the social media and cafehopping in real life, we met a lot of passionate people in the specialty coffee and chocolate industry and eventually it has brought us to where we are! We want to be a part of it and promote these artisan food culture, and connect with like-minded foodies!
Through sharing, workshops and our GivMagazine, Givsnacks wants to build a community where people who have the same food interest in coffee and chocolate can have learn from each other and have fun.

COffee and chocolate community

We build community where people who have the same food interest in coffee and chocolate can gather, share and learn from each other. 


unique experience and workshops

We offer workshops specially designed to help you truly enjoy the tasting experience and relax in the hectic life. From coffee brewing workshops to chocolate tasting - we find happiness from awareness and appreciation. 


the artisan culture

We promote the artisan culture of specialty coffee and craft chocolate through sharing the latest food trends and knowledge in our Givsnacks IG page, newsletter and GivMagazine. 

我們透過IG專頁、電郵通訊和 GivMagazine,提供各種有關精品咖啡和手工朱古力的生活資訊,一起欣賞美食背後的工藝和心思。

Welcome to Givsnacks!

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What they say about Givsnacks...


I know Givsnacks from a coffee workshop. Thank you Givsnacks for helping me to learn a lot of knowledge about coffee, and even relevant health tips. 

IG content creator
阿叔 @siuyea.look


The life of Hong Kong people is really busy. I like the relaxing activities of Givsnacks, so that everyone who has a taste of life and enjoys the food together, and sometimes I learn new things from them unexpectedly!

Watercolor illustrator
Phoebe L. @Drawithphoebe


Very happy to collab with Givsnacks to share different types of coffee and knowledge. The foodie participants are eager to learn, which makes me and my partner very excited. We see the prospect of the third wave of coffee culture (coffee aesthetics) mature in HK. Next step is to popularize coffee, and continue to share the happiness in food and coffee to HK people.

BARISTA & COffee youtuber

Gordon @idkcoffeehk